For Advertisers’s response-provoking mobile ad services help you reach boundless demographics and all types of mobile screen. Drive mobile users to your entertainment or e-commerce site any place, any time using our RTB. Access our well-optimized patented platform for mobile advertising and easily track conversions.

For Publishers

Set mobile traffic monetization across various device models, multiple carriers, operating systems, IPs, browsers, and in-app. Handle mobile ad campaigns globally via’s customizable solutions to achieve impressive CPMs and high fill rates. Connect with the premium advertisers through our integrations with well-established SSPs and get access to big data. Increase your profits.


For Advertisers

Ensure the high-level targeting to expand brand’s awareness and acquire more users. Our creative adepts at can turn your ideas into impactful messages brought up to captivate your audiences. Make the most of our partnerships.

For Publishers

Please meet our publishing partners:

High-End Technology stays ahead of the game by developing and upgrading the top-notch tools day after day. Having a top-of-the-line technology, we have everything it takes to manage the best advertising campaigns. Our in-house development team knows how to optimize the functionality to provide you with the flexibility you need to control all campaigns and improve their performance.

We offer totally-done-for-you solutions for centralized and efficient campaign tracking. There are tools to manage and adapt performance in real time, from impressions to conversions. The’s BI system collects an in-depth data to provide you with expert and real-time unified reports across all media sources and exchanges. The quality impressions are ensured by an integrated fraud detection tool that works around the clock and guarantees proper control. Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, is the premium technology essentially needed for successful management.


Our RTB ensures that the best ad spaces are matched with premium brands for millions of valuable views daily. implies the risk management to always be on high alert for preventing and stopping fraud. Our technology uses Forensiq data and complies with the IAB’s latest OpenRTB protocol.

The hyper-focused real-time intelligence helps us cost-efficiently mix the right campaigns with the right inventory. We ensure the quality inventory, premium traffic and low invalid traffic rate ever found in the industry.

  • Handy dashboard with real-time analytics
  • Campaign setup features for advertisers
  • Monetization tools for publishers
  • Native 1.1 format capability
  • Intelligent decision engine
  • Fraud detection features
  • Risk management features
  • Ensured transparency for advertisers and publishers


Boost your inventory value and achieve high fill rates using’s bidding platform.

  • Advertisers with premium demands
  • Ad types and content control
  • Optimal results and monetization
  • Unified dashboard for publishers
  • Complete clarity and on-demand insights

DSP provides an extensive range of premium inventory in milliseconds using its DSP. This way, you can efficiently drive engagement of your relevant audiences.

  • Performance improvement and efficiency
  • Aggregations of various media sources and exchanges
  • Clear-cut tracking of conversions
  • AI engine for campaigns
  • Intelligent dashboard for campaign setting


Engage your users by displaying them genuine content that seamlessly blends in. works with native ad format that impresses your audience by providing a pleasant experience: the feel, look, and message reflected to capture their interest. Acquire quality users and boost life-time-value in a more effective way of ensuring high-level engagement.


Build visuals for bright messages and realizeawesome ideas with’s Design Studio. Our creative team will visualize your ad concepts so that they impact on your relevant audiences.

  • Creative assistance
  • Creatives for mobile and social media
  • Many ad format: video, native, interactive, VR, 360, HTML5
  • Landing page and website design
  • Ideas development

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